The Evangelion Store at Harajuku Tokyo-01 opened in November of 2011. The shop carries over 2000 pieces of Evangelion product that covers toys to cool designer clothes, as this can be Harajuku, among those alternate style hot spots on earth. This special fourth-anniversary purchase will not be on indefinitely, so make sure you head into the physical shop in Harajuku or set your requests at the internet shop. The Evangelion Store has headquartered in Ikebukuro. In the very first place, we’ve got Asuka Langley Soryu out of Evangelion 2.0. Kaworu Nagisa, out of Evangelion 3.0, takes the second position in the third position is Rei Ayanami from Evangelion 2.0. “That is not surprising whatsoever,” you might believe, but have a look at the difference in votes involving the upper few pilots.

To make matters worse, Rei in Evangelion 1.0 and also Evangelion 3.0 took sixth position and twelfth location, respectively. Meanwhile, the Asuka from Evangelion 3.0 caught the fourth location, offering her two slots at the top Evangelion shop. Special themed events like Asuka February at 2012 produce the area even more specific since they’re usually accompanied by limited variation products. As a guideline: Asian dimensions are one size bigger than their western counterparts. These supple and soft plushies are all approximately twelve inches tall, making them excellent dolls or decorations. It’s likewise created and filled with polyester to help it become supple and cuddly.

There is not a lot of gap between Asuka (2,187 votes) and Kaworu (1,871 votes). However, Rei came to the top three with only 252 full votes. Contemplating Japan has shown a lot of fondness for Rei. You can ride a giant Rei slip and paint your space at official Ayanami Blue paint, and we all believed the love to her could never perish. Who’d have believed Asuka and Kaworu would require such a solid lead over our trendy Rei Ayanami? Sudo, currently an independent author who co-authors a business report published yearly by the Association of Japanese predecessors.