Today you can find cases of substitution of the role of schools and parents in the education and upbringing of children. There are cases when at school they create an atmosphere in which the creativity of the student is killed, limiting him to some kind of framework and explaining what to do well, what to do is bad, and after that the parents also do their homework with him, try to teach him what something that did not have enough time to study at school.

Increasingly, schools at Noida as per the noida school rating do not forget about the role of the school in education. The school considers it a duty to give knowledge in subjects, and then test this knowledge with the help of exams. The modern school believes that if a child successfully passes the exam, then this is a successful completion of the school. The school is puzzled by the testing of students’ knowledge and exams.

But exams do not determine a person’s citizenship, do not determine identity, personal characteristics, do not make children patriots of their country. Parenting is a much more difficult process than teaching, it is a long process and it requires a lot of patience. And the school has simplified its task, although Federal state standards also take into account and impose requirements on personal results, meta-subject results, and not only on the results of mastering an educational program.

The school is dominated by authoritarianism and management psychology. But when you are dealing with upbringing, management psychology does not give the desired results. Children have no limited consciousness, they can actually do anything. But much depends on the conditions of their maintenance and the developing relationship. If children stay in an authoritarian sphere, then they will acquire the appropriate qualities, if humane, then humane. Today, the school produces children-consumers, but there is no culture of consumption for consumption to be beneficial.

The child needs to be developed in all directions. Knowledge alone, without the possibility of thinking, analyzing, planning, building assumptions, becomes inapplicable.

And when will such children grow up and replace the current generation, will they start working?

The current generation of children, who were born in the era of the Internet, technology, television and high flow of information, need different teaching methods. The current school provides the same knowledge using the same methods as in the Soviet Union. And in such a school, children are very sad and bored. And teachers are often not ready to transfer new knowledge.

Children require attention to themselves, they need to create multifaceted forms of application of their talents. Already in the first grade, they get bored, because the knowledge they are given is either already known, or in an uninteresting and unattractive form. And under authoritarianism in schools, children have a negative attitude towards educational institutions.

To solve the problems of today’s school, new teachers with new approaches are needed, and most importantly, they must be sincerely loving their students and wanting to instill in them all positive spiritual qualities. If the teacher does not love the child, then the child does not love the teacher either. This is where conflict, misunderstanding, and rejection arise. Even in the preparation of teachers in universities, it is necessary to create conditions in which the main values, such as love for children, the upbringing of joy, which the teacher should carry at school, are designated and formed in the future teacher.